SolarBar SB800 (Bar8)


SolarBar SB800 (Bar8).  The most stunningly powerful and flexible SolarSPEC™ horticulture lighting solution to date.  The Bar8 is designed specifically for single and multi-tier commercial cannabis cultivation with a recommended mounting height over canopy of 6-60″(6-18″ w/no lenses, 24-60″ w/ optional secondary lenses).

Precision and innovation have always been a part of the AMARE Technology™ design philosophy. It meant incorporating the most efficient technology and making leaps in design at every level — from detachable bars for additional cover and flexibility to the remote power supply.  All while maintaining higher intensities and lower operating temperatures.

Dimensions: 47.08”X46.93”X3.3”

LED:  Samsung 301b, Osram SSL/SQ

Driver:  Meanwell

Electrical efficiency:  2.82J@484w, 2.78J@660w, 2.69J@900w

Wattage: 900w (dimmable)

Spectrum:  high-cri enhanced white spectrum

Coverage:  4’x4’@660w, 4′ x 6’@900w (detached bars)

Recommended mounting height over canopy:  6-60″(6-18″ without lenses, 24-60″ with optional secondary lenses)

SolarBar SB800 (Bar8)